Emmanuele Nicosia and Martino Bertola reflect an upbringing in Milan, a city that blends sophistication with their love for nature.
In 2010, they launched the “Just This” parties, transforming Milan into a must-visit for electronic artists. From local acts like Mind Against to global names such as Dixon and Seth Troxler, these events evolved into influential gatherings. Simultaneously, Hunter/Game left their mark on prestigious labels, such as Innervisions, Rumours, Last Night on Earth, My Favourite Robot, Hot Creations, Dynamic, and Kompakt. Committed to nurturing the local scene through “Just This”, Hunter/Game, with regular international gigs, keeps the urban and natural balance alive.
For them, the fusion of sophistication and lucidity is not just inspiration but a cornerstone for future sonic explorations. They draw inspiration from both the urban energy and the surrounding nature, crafting techno with a contemplative, melodic touch.