Playa Tamarindo Costa Rica Ocaso Underground Music Festival

10 things to do in Tamarindo while visiting the Ocaso Music Festival

Of course when visiting Tamarindo Beach in Costa Rica there are  some activities that you can do while waiting for the next day of the amazing Ocaso Underground Music Festival.

Some of the main Tamarindo activities that you can do throughout the day, are included in the list below.


Surf the perfect waves of the beach, which presents many legendary surf spots. The area is friendly for beginners that just want to start their surfing experience and for veterans that want to upgrade their skills.  In town itself, ride Tamarindo river mouth, cross the estuary to Casitas, walk around from there to Playa Grande, or drive about 20 minutes to Playa Avellanas.


Kayak down the estuary on the search for crocodiles, monkeys, birds and more, or kayak to the  Isla Capitan that’s right off the beach in a place called Suizo. Once there, you will be able to see the the Tamarindo Beach from a whole different side of view.


Snorkel around the very beautiful Playa Conchal, just 30 minutes away and a boat ride to see a lively underwater world. Conchal is also  good for those who like to spend the time on the water and on the sand. and its beauty and name comes from it being “Seashell Beach,” so named because the sand is mostly covered of seashells. This place is just gorgeous.


ATV or 4WD is quite the popular activity around this area, because here  you can go off road and see the more dry forest of the area, as well as visiting a few other beaches that run down the coast. End your tour watching the amazing sunsets that only Tamarindo can offer.


Catamarans and their sunset snorkeling tours are quite an experience. Load up in the boat, enjoy the open bar, and sail to a hidden beach where you can snorkel, then enjoy a nice afternoon lunch. The ride back is perfectly timed to take in that gorgeous sunset we just mentioned.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of daytime activities in Tamarindo. Take up one or more while you wait for the evening’s Ocaso music to begin.

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