Claptone at Ocaso Music Festival 2018 Tamarindo Costa Rica

Music Festivals in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small country located in Central America and is known for it’s tropical “Pura Vida” feeling, volcanoes and world renowned beaches. In addition, the country has a few major, well known  music festivals that bring people back again and again without hesitation. Music lovers from around the world strive to relive the experience they received from the music the very first time they arrived in this amazing country.


Of course, the national festivals invite participants to  crave the next one to come, but each event brings a different vibe to the people that attend it, giving them various views of what Costa Rica can offer in its musical landscape.


Here are some of the music festivals that have been going on for many years (and will continue for years to come):

Ocaso Music Festival is 3-year-old underground event  that brings new and established artists to a great part of the world. At a variety of venues in the natural environment of Guanacaste, the DJS  take their shows in many different directions since Ocaso gives them the chance to try new material and present these sounds to the public to enjoy first-hand. The festival was first introduced in early January 2017 and it was a hit, for the Costa Rican people and for the tourists as well. Ocaso takes place in  the popular beach town of Tamarindo between the beautiful beaches and the lively dry forest, always in the beginning of January each year. Thousands of participants dance, party in public events and private VIP experiences unique to this particular festival..


Life in Color has been throwing The World’s Largest Paint Parties around the world and has been coming back to Costa Rica since it first started in 2013. Each year, when they return, the organizers bring more and more energy and more shows not to be missed. The Life in Color rave consists of (primarily and literally) fire on the crowd with water-based paint while the artists play their famous mixes. There are  different sections and bars from normal entry to V.I.P (for those who want to have a special blast). Timing and prices usually vary depending on when organizers choose to arrive. It´s music varies from Dance to EDM, House, Dubstep and more! Guaranteed to have yourself some fun. You and your friends can come away soaked by paint by the end of this great festival.


Envision Festival is by far, the most well known and one of the most recommended festivals music lovers want to attend in Costa Rica. Its purpose is to show  people that you can mix nature with a vibrant music and the pure energy of the people, all coming together into one great time. The festival takes place at “Rancho La Merced,” located  on the southern side of the country, just outside Uvita, at the place perfectly perched where the rainforest meets the tropical beach. Envision is known to start around the best of months of the year for Costa Rica’s weather–around the end of February.  Each year, the lineup of performers gets longer, and the music ranges from electronic, to rock, to reggae and Latin influences. This is one you must not miss.


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