Yo Yo Yoga

Yo Yo Yoga

Ocaso is having Free Yo Yo Yoga classes on Thursday and Friday at 11am at the El Cherengito Beach Bar.

Yo Yo Yoga started 5 years ago at the infamous Electric Tea Garden (ETG). At the time my business partner, Shameless Productions and I were hosting a weekly night there called The Shameless Social. Everyone in our crew loved yoga and we had access to some of Seattle’s best DJ’s, so we thought it would be nice to do a yoga with a live DJ before our party each week. We called it, Shameless Presents Yo Yo Yoga- “Stretch then Dance”, it was a $10 – $20 donation. If you came to yoga you got into the party free! It was a very small audience at first but started growing about a year into it. Sadly ETG closed but it gave us the opportunity to move to a DIY event space in an old theatre in Belltown. It was an awesome, funky space and certainly a DIY project. I used to literally cut and paste together the flyers by hand at this little copy shop by my apartment.

We started gaining momentum and our community was starting to grow, but of course that building was very old and also got shut down. After that we decided to take a break and focused on launching our record label Shameless Audio, which has been an absolutely incredible experience. I love my team and we’ve been able to release some incredible music, work with some very talented artists and have lots of fun!

About a year later, I met Datza Uldrike. She was full of fire. I fell in love with her yoga teaching, we had an instant connection and I asked her to help me bring Yo Yo Yoga back! That summer, Shameless Productions was offered a residency at the Monkey Loft called Deck’d Out. It was a dance party every Thursday on the roof top deck from 6-10pm. The owner agreed to let us do Yo Yo Yoga beforehand. We were back and better than ever!

Through our successful events at the Monkey Loft, we were approached by multiple venue owners and music festivals to showcase Yo Yo Yoga that summer! We hit it hard, put in everything we had and here we are!

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